Precision Perfect Hair: Joy at J Salon

I take my recommendations seriously. I am without a doubt a super picky person. I wasn’t a princess growing up, but I was the only girl…so maybe that’s how I ended up this way. Just know I would never half-heartedly recommend anyone.

Joy at J Salon is without a doubt my favorite hair stylist in Hawaii. She’s fun, easy going, and takes what you want for your hair seriously, but then takes it up a notch in the right direction. She’s been trained in the Vidal Sasson method. I’ve got what she calls hoale asian hair … meaning stick straight hair that shows every mistake. Joy gets it, she gets hair, and she gets people. I love being in her chair, it’s a royal treatment to see her!

Years ago I was so scared to cut off my scraggly long locks, I searched endlessly to where I would go for a bob cut, this was in 2005! After finding Joe and Joy at J salon, I have only gone shorter and more fun and spunky. I haven’t regretted it for a minute. It’s now 2012 and J salon just celebrated it’s 9th anniversary!

J salon has maintained a list of loyal clients for a reason. The salon is sharp, gorgeous, and now serves you fabulous drinks made to order. You pay for it, but I believe it’s worth it 100%. Your hair is an accessory you wear everyday … so it’s less than $2/day if you go every 6-8 weeks.

Oh and they’re named one of Elle’s top 100 US salons for a third year in a row … no big deal right!?

J Salon

Cost: $85 haircut with Joy

Location: 1240 Ala Moana Boulevard  Honolulu, HI 96814

Phone: (808) 550-4441

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