“After moving three times in two years, I thought I had purged all of the clothing, shoes and accessories that I no longer could or should wear. Yet, I still suffered a mild panic attack each time I peered into my closet to put together an outfit. Enter Pualana.

One early fall afternoon, we took stock of my wardrobe. The first step was to consolidate my warm weather clothes and stash them in a spare closet for the winter. That left a selection of items I could wear now. Pua took a closer look at every piece to see if it worked for me in terms of style, fit and condition. The same process applied to shoes, purses, belts, scarves, etc. The donate and sell piles grew larger.

Pua quickly taught me how to organize the remainder by type and color. Then, she explained how to build an outfit from the foundation up. BOOM: For the first time I could actually see and make sense out of my options. We even had time left for a trip to H&M for some versatile, low-cost basics! I’m happy to say that thanks to Pua, I can now dress myself in five minutes flat. But even more importantly, I feel confident that my clothes make the best possible statement about my personal style. No anxiety medication necessary.”

Nell Gladson, Communication Consultant

“Pua has a great eye for style and for helping others find their sense of style. As a new mom returning to work, I needed some classic pieces that would help round out my wardrobe, while I worked on becoming less round. Pua helped me put together fashion-forward yet budget-friendly basics that worked well for the office and weekends. She also encouraged me to try new things (like color!) and take a closer look at what I could toss, keep, or re-purpose in my current closet. Working with her was so much fun (she even created a personal Pintrest board for me) and very educational. I would highly recommend Pua to anyone for their personal stylist needs.”

-Lisa Wynn, Communications Manager at Nike

“Pua helped style me for 2 social events, one international trip, helped me find purchases for my husband’s birthday and for Father’s Day, and helped me find items for my son. She understands fashion, the newest trends, how to style someone within a budget and, most importantly for me, how to style a Black woman’s body type. Pua was always live on-line and could find the best deals that fit my style without my being present. She got me to spend quite a bit of money, but I enjoyed every minute of it!”

-Serilda Summers-McGee, MBA, M.Ed, Affirmative Action/Diversity Recruitment Consultant at Kaiser Permanente

“I’ll be honest; I almost called to cancel the night before our appointment for my closet clean. I was thinking this project was premature. I JUST had a baby, and I really needed my sliding scale of clothes as I negotiate my ever-evolving body and variety of daily events. Mostly I need a large amount of clothing items as more often than not, I’m covered in puke before I can make it out the door.

But the minute Pua began her magic in my closet I knew it was right. She was no nonsense but cheerful. She was candid but not condescending. While she ruthlessly weeded out my skirts, she simultaneously kindly encouraged. I never felt insulted, I felt coached.

Pua’s knowledge about brands, fabrics, styles, and cuts really helped me to understand why I needed to purge certain items or keep others. The time she spent in my closet was a huge asset. I truly cannot wait to see how she will help to fill it back up once my baby weight is off!”

-Paige Bradbury-Brattin, wife and mother of two beautiful girls

“Pua is a truly gifted stylist and designer. She not only has an eye for fashion, and putting together great outfits, she has a sense of what will look good on YOU! Pua has helped me to supplement my closet with great pieces that I would not have been able to find on my own when shopping. She picks out pieces that reflect my personal style and my need for comfort, while also complimenting the rest of my wardrobe. This is the invaluable skill that Pua brings to the client: boosting their current wardrobe and saving them time and indecision in the store. Shopping with Pua feels like you have a friend with you in the dressing room!”

 -Stacey Levine, Architect Collaborative Design Workshop, Event Planner Mint Events Hawaii

“In a nutshell, Pua helped my wife, Lori discover her true feminine side, something that hid during the last 15 years of living in small California coastal town where fashion doesn’t go beyond Roxy beach wear.

We moved to Portland last December and began shopping at Nordstrom in March after meeting Pua. On that first visit she totally transformed my wife. Everything she pulled from the rack was perfect – it fit and was striking. I don’t recall how much we spent because it didn’t matter. The bags of clothing we brought home were just the start of replacing the tacky beachwear that didn’t do her figure justice or play to the style she wanted to portray here in Portland.

These days, Lori makes appointments with Pua who has a dressing room filled with perfect selections that continue to expand the many ways Lori dresses herself – from casual to sexy, and hip to formal – something I could never get her to do.

I’m writing to you because I love the way Lori feels and looks as a result of the clothing, but more importantly, Pua’s ability to dress her rather than sell her. She has this uncanny ability to know what will work while it’s on the rack. To me, that’s not just serious talent but it also shows serious care for the customer.

These days my wife looks more beautiful than ever and has a new confidence about her that comes with looking stylish and wearing clothes that fit.

I can’t thank Pua enough for taking the time to treat Lori as if she were the only customer, which I too experience each time I shop for client gifts and for things for myself. Everything she suggests is just… right. There is something to be said for leaving a store with purchases you know work.

We both love Pua and will not buy anything at the store without her.”

-Marc Davison, 1000Watt Consulting

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