Personal Stylist

Need a go-to do-it-all personal stylist? Good news, I’m your gal.

My best Audrey impression.

What you put on your body and how you present yourself is increasingly more important in our day-to-day lives. Being comfortable and confident in what you decide to put on in the morning is essential.

A Personal Stylist based on Oahu, Hawaii, I’m here to bring back the fun in getting dressed. Whatever your style goals are, or professional needs, I can help you achieve them. I pride myself in providing excellent  service, and making sure my clients are happy in the skin they’re in not to mention also looking good!

With me in your tool-belt, we will take inspiration from high end designers and find wallet friendly alternatives, at my favorite bargain shops around town and online.

Make an appointment with me for personal shopping, a closet audit/edit, or special occasion dressing. With my personalized approach and listening to what you want, together we can succeed in finding a better, and more confident version of you.

Still wondering why you should hire a stylist?

  • Save money by finding the best bargains for you,
  • Save time with efficient shopping trips,
  • Get a unique look that’s tailored to you,
  • Avoid the pitfalls when shopping with a commission based sales associate,
  • Learn to get more bang for your buck with accessories,
  • Ability to shop at a variety of shops from Nordstrom Rack to Neiman Marcus and everything in between,
  • Know what wardrobe staples to invest in, and what to save on,
  • Get expert tailoring advice,
  • Learn how to make outfits with what you already own,
  • Daunted by shopping? Let me do the hard work for you!

Let’s get started!

1 thought on “Personal Stylist

  1. Ha'aheo Joaquin

    Aloha. I’m 68 & embracing my gray hair. I need help with the correct color of clothing & style for my 5’2 1/2″ frame. I am 160 lb. & have recently joined a gym. My goal is to get back down to 130 lb. Help!


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