A Stylish Wedding with Indian and Moroccan Influence

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Last weekend I had the honor of attending a best friend’s wedding in Pupukea, on the north shore of Oahu. Debbie and Kevin threw an all out glamourous affair that hardly represented so many “traditional” takes on a classic marriage ceremony. It was all at once unexpected, beautiful, enjoyable, and were were encouraged to party until the sun came up (well some of us did, I fell asleep before then). Inspiration was taken from many cultures and traditions the world over. During the ceremony sips of sake and wine were taken by the couple. The Moroccan theme extended itself most visibly with the plush pillows and low tables for lounging. It also made it tremendously kid friendly too.

The bride’s dress was incredible in person, with lots of layers of fabric in hues of warm oranges, yellows and reds. The skin on her hands and feet had been covered in Henna tattoos the day before akin to an Indian tradition. Bridesmaids wore sari’s, ring-bearers wore top hats, and shoes were optional. A tent that seemed to be plucked straight out of Morocco was the centerpiece for the post ceremony dancing. DJ Sole performed magic on the turntables for over seven hours, not even a Tsuanami warning could stop this party (which btw really did happen, and we were lucky to be high on the mountain should it hit, which it didn’t!).

Debbie and Kevin share a love of travel, fire dancing, and a great party. And of course that’s exactly what we got. It was an outrageously good time. Here are a few visual bites from the wedding…

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