A Captured Moment: Family

Not since we were kids have my brothers and I gotten together to take photos. And why not? Who says you have to have little kids as an excuse to capture the passing years? In the last ten years there isn’t a single shot of my whole family that’s not taken at night with a bad flash.

To address this issue I hired Nicole Seu from Studio 3511 photography. I wanted shots of us to be outdoors. Lucky for us Hawaii is full of splendid natural backdrops. However cliche, Lanikai seemed like the perfect backdrop. I’m really happy with the results, now, and I’m sure for years to come. Thank you Nicole!

4 thoughts on “A Captured Moment: Family

  1. nicole

    pua- you and your family were so much fun to work with… you’ll have to do family photos at least every other year from now on… the bar has been raised!!!!!


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