Overgrown and Overdue

Hair. It’s really a good thing that it continues to grow. But the very inconvenient thing about it is the consistent maintenance it requires. It’s a good thing I’ve found a place to keep me neat and trim.

After many years trying several styles, I’ve finally found a style I’m happy to keep (a short, layered, slightly tapered bob). However, my trusted stylist Joy at J Salon lives in HAWAII, and I’m here in Portland. Some may be to afford the airplane ticket just for the snip snip … but not this budget fashionista.

Stalling for three months, I couldn’t take the grown out look anymore, so I found a salon here in Portland who attempted copy my “signature” cut. My girl Joy is so good, there’s just no way for me to be thrilled with my current cut.

J Salon is so good, in fact, that they were just named by ELLE magazine for the second year in a row as one of their top 100 salons!

Owner Joe Randazzo of J Salon with Joy Shibata.

A visit back to J Salon won’t be anytime soon. So until then, I’ll be counting down the days until I get to sit in this chair that cutie pup Matlida is keeping warm for me at J Salon. It couldn’t come a day too soon.

Matilda in my chair at J Salon.
In the chair with Joy. What a great view!

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