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Inspired to be French

A little French style inspiration

Who doesn’t love the French and their “je ne sais pas” sense of style?  More than just for the fashion, food, and of course tax-free wine, my mother is in search of a house to buy and live out the rest of her life in the south of France near Bordeaux.

It’s a fantasy many have, I mean it sounds pretty sweet. Riding a bicyclette avec un baguette & mon chien! My mother is realizing her dream. Does she speak French? Un petit peu! But if you play the part it doesn’t matter right?

So in honor of my mom taking off tomorrow here’s a little French inspired outfit I’d be wearing if I were to join her. Stripes of course, a flirty leather skirt, and these Charlotte Olympia flats I’m obsessed with. Hope this inspires you too.

Shop my Style Exchange Saturday Dec. 14th

Back by popular demand, I’m throwing another style exchange this Saturday. Avoid parking at the malls, and find unique one-of-a-kind pieces and looks just for you. Looking for something special? I’ve got loads of vintage and fancy party dresses perfect for this festive season. Got something specific in mind? Let me know and I’ll make sure to have it for you.
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Fabulous in 5 minutes

When I don’t have time (daily) to agonize over my makeup, this is my fast makeup ritual. You really can do all of this in just 5 minutes.

Here’s how to makeup your face in just 5 minutes!

Time saving tip: use your fingers to blend and apply creamy products. When you’re not fussing over tools, you can speed up the application process too.

  1. I start with a clean face, then apply a generous dollop of Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer in Sand.
  2. If I’m feeling particularly fair, I’ll add a little of Nars’ orgasm illuminator in orgasm or laguna for a fresh flush.
  3. Nars’ blush powder in orgasm is a fave too, especially with the Nars Yachio brush. It’s light in the hand, and doesn’t grab too much pigment so you don’t end up looking like you put your makeup on without your contacts!
  4. I’ll dab a little of the CHANEL Fantasme longwear eye base with shimmer,
  5. then apply a hefty coating of thick black mascara (my drugstore fave is Voluminous by L’Oreal).
  6. I usually do my eyebrows last, a couple of quick fill lines with my CHANEL pencil in brun natural, then smudge them with the brush end so they don’t look too perfect.
  7. Just before I’m complete I apply a couple of quick clicks of YSL’s Touche éclat under my eyes, in the creases of my nose, and around my lips to “brighten” up.
  8. A nice sheen of a universally flattering lip glacé in Rose Hips by Laura Mercier is my final touch. You can set your look with pressed powder, or if you prefer a dewy look, skip it.
  9. And presto, my face is done!

For a list of all my favorites, check out my list on pinterest too.

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Makeup Must: Glamorous Eyes

Amy’s eyes give off a subtle glow using this CHANEL cream shadow as the base.

Everyday I do a couple of things before I head out the door. For one I brush my teeth and tousle my hair with a little product. And aside from putting a few items of clothes on my body as to make sure I am never called a nudist, I also dabble a little of this on my eyes. I swear if there’s only ONE item I could have, it’d be this: CHANEL’s ILLUSION D’OMBRE, LONG WEAR LUMINOUS EYESHADOW for a mere $36.00. Ok so it’s no drugstore find, but OMG is it ever worth it, and it lasts a good long while because all you need is a touch of this mega-dose of shimmer.

Sure some would swear on their La Mer moisturizer or red Tom Ford lipstick, but this is the golden egg in my makeup bag. When I’m rushing I just use this on my lids, add a little mascara, and a little blush on the cheeks and then call it a day.

What’s your must have makeup item? Tell me!

Pucker Up: Lush Matte Lipstick

Bobbi Brown’s newest Creamy Matte Lipcolor. My fave is this one called Jenna.

Huge for fall, and still an obsession, finding the perfect “red” shade of lipstick. I’ve got a bit yellowish skin, and a bit darker say than the pale-bunch, so I love the coral families of color. It’s not completely unusual to find moisturizing matte lipcolor, but this one by Bobbi Brown does the trick.

It’s got the perfect amount of staying power, with a fairly good “smoothability” rating. Seduced by the counters at Neiman Marcus (of course) I had to try the loudest red-orange shade of the bunch: Jenna. It was total love at fist application. Soft but lasted through at least three iced tea refills at the afore mentioned cafe. How much? $24. SOLD!

Bat those lashes! Best Bargain Mascara

Who spends $30 on mascara when L’Oréal’s Voluminous Volume Building Mascara (go for carbon black), a perennial fave among makeup artists, is less than $8 at in drugstores? It’ll add up to super-thick lashes with major volume. I get excited when a new glamourous and expensive new mascara hits the market, but I keep going back to it as my favorite. Why fix what isn’t broke?

my fave

Even Bazaar Magazine rates the Voluminous in their top 10.

Why we love it: There have been numerous additions to the Voluminous line of mascaras, but the original is still the best for creating a feathery soft effect, thanks to the blend of nourishing vitamins and ceramides in the tube.

Harper’s Bazaar

L’Oreal Voluminous Volume Building Mascara, $8, lorealparisusa.com.

Stylist for Hire

Here I’ll keep you in the know of the my current obsessions, musings, and hilarious fashion encounters. I am totally obsessed with making sure you look your best, and feel the most confident every day, so you don’t have to!

Men, women, kids, no matter how big or small, I work with everyone. This venture is a work in progress, so there might need to be some changes along the way. If you have any questions about what I can offer you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Let’s get started!

Stylist James Rockwell and I strike a pose.

Keep Summer in the Air

Candles by Diptyque are a new obsession of mine, thanks to a recent introduction at Cielo Home.

Love the Gardenia scent, but I also have the Freesia. It keeps summer here just a wee bit longer, as the weather turns to fall.

The candles aren’t cheap at $60, but the claim is it’s just $1 an hour because they last 60 hours. And you’ll get to burn every last drop of wax, so nothing’s wasted.

I’ve barely made a dent in mine after several evening sessions, so I’ll keep you posted if the claim is indeed true.

How to style in the heat

Summer heat can be lovely. But not when it also melts your makeup off your face, makes your hair stick to your scalp, and creates heat rash where you just don’t need it!

Get yourself a Vornado fan to stay looking chic and keeping cool while getting ready in the heat to face the day.

Point the fan on your body in one direction, and another in the opposite way. I promise you will at least momentarily feel cool, especially after a cold shower.

And every moment without beads of sweat bursting out is a good thing.

Sweat can be good, but keep it off me while I blow dry my hair!

Sublte Glitz, Gold & Shimmer at Your Fingertips

We just arrived at Spring, but I’m already gearing up for summer. Before the UVs come out in full force (or come out at all), be kind to your skin all the while giving your skin a jump start. Get glowing, without resorting to a fake ‘n bake session.
A stellar favorite, the NARS Orgasm blush powder, with flecks of gold, peach, and pink, can now be found in the NARS Orgasm Illuminator.
Wear it under foundation, as a highlighter, or all over the face and decollete for a little shimmer, sparkle, and pop! The perfect dull skin eliminator, it’s simple to apply, sheer enough to shamelessly apply daily, and totally sexy.
A little goes a long way, which might help to offset the sting of the $29 price tag. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. Nordstrom is pushing the “try before you buy.” So make a stop and get your sample.
I heart stuff that makes me feel & look pretty, and this most certainly does both!