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A Styled Closet on Pinterest

Wondering just why hiring a stylist might be beneficial for you? How about having a list of pre-selected items to chose from! Get the best looks plucked from all over the web and in-stores without having to leave the comfort of home. That’s just what we can do for you. And it’s so easy when using Pinterest.

Using a virtual Pinboard I can create wardrobe ideas for clients to choose from & order direct from merchants.

Remember Molly’s customized Lookbook I posted a couple of days ago? Well there were several items missing. She needed the following items to complete a well rounded wardrobe:

  • Short black Booties, flats/or heeled variations,
  • Tall black boots, flat & short heeled versions,
  • Closed toe heels to wear to work (1″ & 2″ variations) black and camel,
  • Great basic tanks with wide straps to layer with,
  • Black & Camel silk camisoles,
  • and a long-sleeve black cardigan.

We chose items from our favorite online shops including:

  • Zappos
  • J.Crew
  • Nordstrom

With so many dizzying choices to choose from it’s easy to get distracted. We’re well versed in fit and quality, so you can trust our recommendations will work for you.

Follow us on Pinterest. Need some ideas or want us to work on a wardrobe for you? Let us know!

Pua’s Glam Open House: Photo Gallery preview

Lots of fabulous outfits and more for your pleasure. Join us this Sunday, September 9th from 2-5pm for a very GLAM open house. Contact me for more info and prices (pualana@gmail.com) or use the RSVP form below. Thanks for shopping!

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Drink Chocolate

At Cacao. You can’t go wrong. For just $2, a shot of delicious drinking chocolate can be yours. Spiked with cinnamon, mexican spices, or extra creamy, they’re all so yumm.

It’s a purely decadent bargain. Stop in the next time you’re in town. 

Sabrina enjoying the cinnamon chocolate shot at Cacao on 13th Ave, Portland.

Stuff for a Buck: TODAY at Buffalo Exchange

Score some of the best thrift for just a buck! It’s the $1 Save Wildlife from Trash sale today, Saturday, April 28 at all Buffalo Exchange locations (nationwide)! 

Throughout the year sale items or out of season goods that didn’t sell are collected and put out for this awesome one day event. Chaos yes, but I’ve been advised it’s one sale not to be missed!

Give Thrift a Chance

Bargains can be had anywhere, but your best and most frequent chance comes at a thrift store. And seeing that today is Earth Day, help the world by recycling fashions!

For example, a recent find at Goodwill, SW Portland at 10th & Taylor, makes thrift shopping more thrilling than walking into a department store. Yes, a task such as this does require patience, but the quest for the loot keeps me guessing, and I always have fun in the hunt.At this one and only Goodwill Boutique in Portland, the best day to hit the racks is Wednesday. The designer goods seem to appear most frequently then, though new merchandise is unloaded Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Don’t expect to find the discount color tags here, if the goods don’t sell within a few weeks, they get packed up and sent back to the regular Goodwill shops around town. The boutique is run by a few great folks that have an eye for yummy stuff amongst the junk. The sales staff here are friendly and honest, not always the case.

The only downside to this stellar store-front is that it’s too often packed with numerous have-to-haves. I only say too much because I’m often torn at what I can ultimately afford. You just can’t have it all, all the time.

But seriously, just how can you say no these pretties? Moschino black patent leather pumps with red bow detailing and a four inch matching red heel make these pumps a home run! Certainly Carrie Bradshaw would be happily caught wearing such a pair.

Helping to save the planet, one pair of shoes at a time.

Stay dry singing in the rain

You know you want to, dance in the rain that is.

Investing in a real umbrella that can handle Portland’s erratic weather, including windy rain sheets, is essential in my book. By golly let’s save our gorgeous coats from some rain. I think I’ve found the perfect marriage of durable and light with this one pictured by ShedRain. I love my printed J.Crew pop-outs, but they’re all broken and too heavy to cart daily for the “just in case” thundershowers. Get it from me at Nordstrom.

Oh Daddy … for the men in your lives

Oh dear, it’s that time again. What the heck do I get the men in my family? Another knife? Grill? Tie? Money clip? How about this awesome gift set from the Art of Shaving! The real deal shave is back big time, especially here in Portland. Gift sets are always a great way to get acquainted with a new line, for less. At $100 it’s substantially less than a watch (well make that a Burberry), and more than a pair of boxers. I think it could be just right for that extra Y chromosome you know.

The Art of Shaving ‘The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave®

Dear Carrie, what will SJP be wearing to SATC 2?

RE: Sex and the City Movie 2

Dear Carrie aka SJP,

Are you excited or over it?

Ok we know you’re very into the monster paycheck awaiting you …

I think we’ve had enough of the shattered then haphazardly put back together humpty-dumpty-style-happily-ever-after endings, what’s in store for us this time?

Let’s not forget what made SATC sexy: the clothes, bags & SHOES! Oh and of course the hot neighbor of Samantha’s dressed in only his birthday suit.

Let’s hear it, what should we followers of fashion expect to see?

Oh wait, I should be asking Patricia Field … nevermind 😉

Knock us dead.

Yours truly,

It’s a Wrap

Scoring a thick uber long knit scarf has been a mission of mine since departing the tropics. I wanted one to appear as if it might be choking me. Not sure why I find that appealing…more to do with trapping in the heat and blocking the chill I think than losing the ability to breathe. Creepy kind of, I know. Unofficially, I’m calling it the Boa Constrictor look, and now it’s my look, as I’ve found one. Super soft, cuddly, chic, plus incredibly warm, and mine is thanks to it’s scrumptious blend of wool, mohair and nylon.
Though even with my avid and thorough search in my new hometown, I didn’t find this beauty in PDX, but rather on a recent trip that led me to College Avenue in Berekely, CA. I found it where I least expected it: At Keneuoe Vivere, a boutique specializing in women’s contemporary suiting (mostly). The local designer just opened up shop, and she focuses on custom made and off the rack tailored and fitted-to-you pieces.

Prices vary broadly in range, including suiting and some knitwear, so odds are there’s something there for you in your price bracket. But overall prices were what I’d expect, and decent, considering the extra work going into each piece that’s made just down the avenue in Berkeley by good ol’ Americans. Keneuoe (if that’s her name) is looking to expand the shop to include men’s wear, more knits, and a working studio right in the store.

I plan on returning to this spot on my next visit.

Support Local, Cute, and PRETTY!