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Give Thrift a Chance

Bargains can be had anywhere, but your best and most frequent chance comes at a thrift store. And seeing that today is Earth Day, help the world by recycling fashions!

For example, a recent find at Goodwill, SW Portland at 10th & Taylor, makes thrift shopping more thrilling than walking into a department store. Yes, a task such as this does require patience, but the quest for the loot keeps me guessing, and I always have fun in the hunt.At this one and only Goodwill Boutique in Portland, the best day to hit the racks is Wednesday. The designer goods seem to appear most frequently then, though new merchandise is unloaded Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Don’t expect to find the discount color tags here, if the goods don’t sell within a few weeks, they get packed up and sent back to the regular Goodwill shops around town. The boutique is run by a few great folks that have an eye for yummy stuff amongst the junk. The sales staff here are friendly and honest, not always the case.

The only downside to this stellar store-front is that it’s too often packed with numerous have-to-haves. I only say too much because I’m often torn at what I can ultimately afford. You just can’t have it all, all the time.

But seriously, just how can you say no these pretties? Moschino black patent leather pumps with red bow detailing and a four inch matching red heel make these pumps a home run! Certainly Carrie Bradshaw would be happily caught wearing such a pair.

Helping to save the planet, one pair of shoes at a time.