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Fast Fashion Mothership, aka H&M, arrives in Hawaii

Yes it happened and the best of Honolulu showed up to embrace H&M’s arrival in the paradise state. Just in time for our craving of Spring fashions.

I popped in after work Thursday on its opening day for a peak that ended up lasting nearly 2 hours. There’s only so many lines I’m willing to wait in, and the dressing room wasn’t one of them. I showed up in a solid black body con dress so I could thrown on anything I really wanted to try on with ease. I recommend doing the same if you attempt a visit anytime this week.

I was most anxious to see what their higher end line included. I am already well stocked in fresh tanks & great cottons I rely on H&M for, but what I really wanted are their select trendy better-made pieces. With this they did not disappoint. I scored a sweet off the shoulder navy tencel dress for under $60. My other favorites were a voluminous skirt in blush ($60), a chiffon green print maxi a la Rachel Zoe ($70), a silky halter bodysuit ($10), and fabulous strapless black & cream printed dress ($70) reminiscent of something Balenciaga or Oscar de la Renta might have sent down the runway.

By the time I arrived late last night, the collections were dramatically picked over. Some of it was just the sheer number of things being taken to the fitting room, not necessarily sold. No $5 pineapple tank top, the items from Miranda Kerr’s collection that were sold out online were already scooped, and the opening offers aren’t worth mentioning except for the $4 linen-like shorts.

H&M is a well oiled machine, and there were no shortage of helpers eager to tidy up as the chaos swept in. There were even cleaners sweeping the floor, polishing mirrors, dusting etc. while people selected items from the adjacent rack. I expect the store to be massively replenished daily, so plan to check frequently for fresh finds. Turnover and fresh items are the key-stone to fast fashion. One note, many of the spring styles I had eyed online were no where to be found, hopefully those will make their way here soon.

Parking was a cinch, and FREE for the first 3 hours with validation, a huge plus! A quick ride in the elevator and I was on the ground floor around the corner from the main entrance.

I’ve been anxious for H&M to arrive in my home state ever since discovering the retailer in Paris in 2000. Can’t say I was expecting more, just happy it’s finally here.


Inspired to be French

A little French style inspiration

Who doesn’t love the French and their “je ne sais pas” sense of style?  More than just for the fashion, food, and of course tax-free wine, my mother is in search of a house to buy and live out the rest of her life in the south of France near Bordeaux.

It’s a fantasy many have, I mean it sounds pretty sweet. Riding a bicyclette avec un baguette & mon chien! My mother is realizing her dream. Does she speak French? Un petit peu! But if you play the part it doesn’t matter right?

So in honor of my mom taking off tomorrow here’s a little French inspired outfit I’d be wearing if I were to join her. Stripes of course, a flirty leather skirt, and these Charlotte Olympia flats I’m obsessed with. Hope this inspires you too.

Drool worthy: Isabel Marant for H&M

It’s really a bummer I’m living in Hawaii this fall. Not because I’m not fond of the tropics when the rest of the country is shivering, but with the launch of Isabel Marant’s purely awesome collection for H&M, and my complete lack of need for it. The collection is full of winter staples, fuzzy wool cardigans, suede booties, leather pants, all items not designed for 80 degrees and sunny.

I’ve walked into countless boutiques in Portland and New York admiring Marant’s handiwork. Elated by her perfectly chic fitting coats only to be dismayed by the price, way out of my range. So imagine my excitement with tomorrow’s launch, the partnership at H&M where many other fashion savvy fans not part of the 1% come to seek fashion that’s closer to affordability.

Back in when Stella McCartney’s collection was released in San Francisco I dragged my 2 younger cousins with me while we waited for hours in line, and spent even more hours in the fitting room. I still have my favorite jacket from that line, all these eight (gasp) years later.

Isabel Marant is classically french, a little bit masculine, never too much–if any–makeup, and she’s always too cool for school. This is the first year H&M is releasing a designer collection online in the US.  Crossing my fingers there are no digital hiccups tomorrow.  I will be prepared and ready at my computer come 12pm EST time (7am Hawaii time) hoping to score at least an accessory or two. As Americans, we always want to be a little bit French. I believe this partnership at H&M is the only way most of us masses will ever acquire some of that je ne sais pas, and if so, this collection is sure to sell out.