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Hats on for Fall

The Boston Red Socks won the World Series. Leaves are falling. There’s a chill in the air, well everywhere but in Hawaii that is. When you can’t sport the chunky knits, patterned tights, and fun overcoats because you’ll overheat and die of sun stroke, you have to be creative for the fall pieces you’ll actually enjoy sporting.

Hats are one of those easy change of season accessories that really work no matter where you are. After weeks of searching online and in stores, I settled on this one from Brixton in Navy. It didn’t come in black, and actually it was the last one in store where I found it, Lizard Lounge in NW Portland, Oregon. I’ll tell you more about my Jaunt in upcoming blog entries, but for now I’m loving this topper.

With a pixie cut, or long hair, I think this semi-boho floppy fedora works well no matter your look. Thoughts? Have a favorite hat you’re sporting this fall? Let us know!

Lusting for cooler weather with my 5 musts for fall

It’s so darned hot now on Oahu. I’m not sure if it’s record breaking, or what, but yesterday it was 89+ depending on where you were. Even the a/c felt broken as beads of sweat were trickling down my back under my dress.┬áTypically our hottest month is October, so I’m going to brace for what’s coming next. Thanks global warming.

With this sweltering weather I’m just dreaming over all the fall offerings and cooler days ahead. It was only 78 degrees this morning when I left home, so I decided that was worthy of a long-sleeve top! Leather panels, tight sheath dresses, bulky sweater coats, felted wool hats, suede booties, matte makeup, I want it all.

So here’s a smattering of my favorite looks out there just waiting to be worn and loved. Camel, espresso, plum, navy, black with hints of bright raspberry and neon yellow. I’m lusting after simple streamlined looks that hide the tummy and elongate my look. When you own pieces as good as this, you don’t have to question, what should I wear today?