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First cut: your personal stylist in action

So this is what I’ve been up. This short video illustrates what it’s like to shop with me.

Huge thanks to Olive Boutique in Kailua and Meagan Kellogg for modeling. Film created by Simon Holland.

Worth a look: Nordstrom’s “Anniversary Sale”

So today was a big day, well only if you’re at Nordstrom, for their annual “Anniversary Sale”. Or maybe you’re the type to get pumped when the weather allows for daily use of boots, sweaters, leather, and an endless variety of skinny jeans. If you live someplace where it’s cold 70% of the time like I used to in America’s Northwest, the place where your daily staples never reach sale.* In Hawaii we don’t have such a luxury, instead our leather molds if left idle for too long. Ewww is right.

So, if you need fabulous winter staples, sometimes Norstrom’s Anniversary sale in July is a great place to start. My experience is the shoes are where it’s at, and staples you need every year. Nordstrom partners with companies to make often exclusive pieces that they launch in the heat of summer for a reduced price, typically 30% off. It’s also a way for the retailer to test the market for fall. What do customers want? And a lot of what they offer is their own house-made lines. Leith, Stem, Trouve, Halogen, 1901, those are just some of the many in-house lines, and some really lack in quality depending on the item. Just beware.

All that said, there are some good-looking on trend pieces worth investing in if you’re in the market. Been eyeing some Pedro Garcia pumps, but are turned off by the $500+ price tag? You’re in luck! You can snag them starting tomorrow (if you’re a rewards card holder) or July 19 for just over $300. Often times Nordstrom brings in it’s all-star products at a huge volume to make up for the reduced selling price. All in all, it’s a win win.

*On a side note, if you do need boots in December, you might be hard-pressed to find the ones you really want, in your size. This exact scenario happened to me almost 4 years ago when I thought it was a decent enough idea to move from 80 degree weather Hawaii to a chilling (though rare) 16 degree Portland, Oregon (for a new job). I moved without the winter staples I needed. Made sense at the time, thought I’ll just get what I need when I’m there. Weeks of freezing ensued. I did find a great pair of flat equestrian style Cole Haan boots that I’ve re-soled twice, and I still have the, from Nordstrom. But if I had known about the Anniversary sale, I may have saved myself some frenetic shopping that winter.

Here are my picks:

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Pucker Up: Lush Matte Lipstick

Bobbi Brown’s newest Creamy Matte Lipcolor. My fave is this one called Jenna.

Huge for fall, and still an obsession, finding the perfect “red” shade of lipstick. I’ve got a bit yellowish skin, and a bit darker say than the pale-bunch, so I love the coral families of color. It’s not completely unusual to find moisturizing matte lipcolor, but this one by Bobbi Brown does the trick.

It’s got the perfect amount of staying power, with a fairly good “smoothability” rating. Seduced by the counters at Neiman Marcus (of course) I had to try the loudest red-orange shade of the bunch: Jenna. It was total love at fist application. Soft but lasted through at least three iced tea refills at the afore mentioned cafe. How much? $24. SOLD!