Ring in 2014 with Style and Confidence

Sometimes it’s helpful to look back to see what we’ve accomplished through the year. It can be important to realize your trajectory and either make adjustments, or stay the course. This year I’m so excited to be moving on from 2013. You won’t see a review post by me, or my most popular posts etc. I’d like to inspire you to be excited for what lies ahead.

Instead of focusing on resolutions in the typical sense, I want you to focus on how you can love yourself and your style more. Embrace what nature gave you. Rock your day putting your best self forward. Yes it’s true, Pualana (me) stylist for hire can help you with that. But you can also encourage yourself to smile a little bit more, doubt yourself a little bit less, and love yourself a little bit more. Your gratitude will make you shine, even more than all those sequins can, and you know how much I love sparkle!

When I wake up excited to create an outfit, to walk out that door and conquer whatever my day has in store for me, that confidence shines through as great style. And to me that is the most important element in attaining great style, confidence. How do you get there? Fake it. Wearing a smile, holding your head a little bit higher, and walking proud will make you more confident in your individual style.

A confident woman can often be mistaken for arrogant, selfish, and ego-driven. Don’t let them fool you. Loving yourself and your look enables you to give others more. And soon you will be inspiring others to copy your look…and confidence.


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