’tis the season for glitz n’gold

Everyday I resist the urge to cover my face is glittery shimmer or sporting a sequined something. I guess I missed my calling as a circus act. Maybe my friends are right, I should head to Burning Man one year just so I can parade in costumes without getting a second glance. Until that day comes, and I have a reason to wear the most outrageous girly glitz, shimmering toes will have to do.

If there ever was a time of the year to get away with glittery toes, it’s now during the holidays. Here I layered a base gold shimmer polish, with big chunky gold glitter polish on top. Gold is a better version of flesh tone. It’s flattering, and doesn’t shorten your toes the way darker tones like red do. It’s as if gold were the most naturally flattering color for a polish. Yeah that’s it.

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