A walk on Boston’s Freedom Trail

With Thanksgiving this week, I thought I would share my memorable 36 hours in Boston last month. I was impressed with how beautiful the city was, and just how old many parts remain. Boston’s T (light-rail) makes it impressively easy to get around. My childhood friend from Hawaii lives in Cambridge with her husband, and it was a delight to see Boston’s famous North End with her. After an amazing cannoli at Mike’s pastry and a pit stop at a delightful Italian grocery, I made my way along the Freedom trail. Exploring  on foot I was able to take my time, and really take in the history evident before me. Placards are all over the trail, with lots of great information. I didn’t bother doing a tour or downloading the audio tour, though I’m sure for some they add to the experience. If only the government shutdown hadn’t been happening the day I was there, I would have enjoyed walking up the Bunker hill monument to take in the views of the city. On my way back I had amazing fresh squid ink pasta with little necks and shrimp at the Daily Catch. If you have a chance, and don’t mind waiting for one of just 20 seats in this itty bitty restaurant, it’s absolutely worth it. Delicious!

This country hardly has a perfect past, but history is what it is, and it’s an impressive sight to see no matter where you stand. I’m still proud to be an American. Happy Thanksgiving.

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