What to wear to the feast

Whether you’re hosting, attending a family gathering or going out to dinner this Thanksgiving, it’s imperative you dress properly and comfortably for the occasion.

Under no condition should you bother wearing anything with a restrictive waistband, unless you consider self restraint paramount to all things. I love tunics and fancy leggings but ultimately dresses are the best option for upping the ante on this occasion.

In the tropics or in the snow, you’ll want to make sure you’re elegant dinning from the waist up. Go for a statement either with a dramatic neckline, fantastical earrings, or a bold necklace. This will keep the conversation on your good looks, and away from politics or the fact that you’re nearing 35 with no beau to be seen. I recommend hair back, or up, you wouldn’t want it getting in your pumpkin soup would you? And keep bracelets and drapey sleeves to a minimum, the harder to keep clean and clear of your plate.

For those wanting to hide  your middle…

For something a little more bohemian…

Spills no matter! Wear black or a busy print and no one will notice you aren’t a princess at the table…

These are all suggestions I found on shopbop. Your outfit should enrich your feasting experience, not hinder it. Already know what you’ll be wearing? Do tell!

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