Drool worthy: Isabel Marant for H&M

It’s really a bummer I’m living in Hawaii this fall. Not because I’m not fond of the tropics when the rest of the country is shivering, but with the launch of Isabel Marant’s purely awesome collection for H&M, and my complete lack of need for it. The collection is full of winter staples, fuzzy wool cardigans, suede booties, leather pants, all items not designed for 80 degrees and sunny.

I’ve walked into countless boutiques in Portland and New York admiring Marant’s handiwork. Elated by her perfectly chic fitting coats only to be dismayed by the price, way out of my range. So imagine my excitement with tomorrow’s launch, the partnership at H&M where many other fashion savvy fans not part of the 1% come to seek fashion that’s closer to affordability.

Back in when Stella McCartney’s collection was released in San Francisco I dragged my 2 younger cousins with me while we waited for hours in line, and spent even more hours in the fitting room. I still have my favorite jacket from that line, all these eight (gasp) years later.

Isabel Marant is classically french, a little bit masculine, never too much–if any–makeup, and she’s always too cool for school. This is the first year H&M is releasing a designer collection online in the US.  Crossing my fingers there are no digital hiccups tomorrow.  I will be prepared and ready at my computer come 12pm EST time (7am Hawaii time) hoping to score at least an accessory or two. As Americans, we always want to be a little bit French. I believe this partnership at H&M is the only way most of us masses will ever acquire some of that je ne sais pas, and if so, this collection is sure to sell out.

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