Pittsburgh: a delightful surprise!

“You’re in Pittsburgh, what the heck for?” Was such a common sentiment friends expressed once they found out I was in the once industrial super city. A best friend of mine (yes folks, it’s a category as Mindy says) moved to the other P-town now three years ago. Missing my friend Nell, and taking the opportunity to see a new city, I jumped aboard JetBlue.

Not only is it the place of Andy Warhol’s birth, Mister Roger’s neighborhood, but it’s also a sports crazy town where the Sunday dress is black and gold jerseys. Get this, it also has the most bridges in the entire United States, with over 400! Take that other Bridgetowns! I only kid. But really I found Pittsburgh to be a hidden gem of cities.

Nell and I shopped, drank, ate, and toured sites that blew me away. One very special place was a day trip to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, just under a two hour drive from Pittsburgh proper. We spent another day on all six floors of the Andy Warhol museum downtown. A fun walk through Highland Park’s Victorian gardens, spotting the duck on the river, and hipster coffee shop were a bonus I didn’t expect. We even squeezed in a closet audit for Nell, and let’s be honest, she desperately needed it.

Overall, it’s a place I’d certainly go back to. There’s more to see, really. Hey Salon.com even calls Pittsburgh the most livable city in America. So there to all the haters, see what all the fuss is about and you might just shut your mouth.

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