Giddy for studs

Studded Mui Mui Sandals

Studded Mui Mui Sandals

I’m on the bandwagon with stud lovers. It’s a fad, a trend, whatever you want to call it, and it won’t last forever, but right now I feel a little stronger, wiser, empowered sporting a studded armor of sorts.

These are my first Miu Miu sandals bought new, a total bargain at Nordstrom Rack in Honolulu at 70% off the original tag. And with Hawaii’s weather being sandal worthy all year long, I’ll definitely get value out of this purchase.

I paired these camel studded sandals with a tailored crop pant in Navy, and a new Costa Blanca swing top I posted last week from Olive Boutique in Kailua. I even went with a smoky navy eye and pale lips to complete my look.

Are you sporting studs? Tell me!

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