Snooze you lose: 3.1 Philip Lim at Target

It was on my radar, but of course I hadn’t set my calendar to remind me to go online the moment Target released it’s latest designer collaboration, yesterday.

I’ve not been keen Target’s recent designer pairings, I bought a few home goods when they partnered with Missoni but that was it. Often times the designer’s normally luxurious goods in fine chiffon, lambskin and heavenly silk knits don’t transcend into a lower price point, and feel rather cheap.

Though I haven’t seen Philip Lim’s collection for Target in person, I think his restrained elegance for women, with a real sense of sporty meets glam with lots borrowed from the boys, works even when mass produced like this. Best of all, this collection he did wasn’t a mash up of his secondary designs. Rather Mr. Lim used last Spring’s designs, colors, even his classic cuts to create something worth your dollar.

Imagine my horror when I log on to my computer today to find the majority of the new already collection sold out. Ugh, what a bummer. If I had been alert and ready, here’s what I would have selected. His classic “moto” jacket, an elegant take on a belted sheath with white lapels, sexy and yet work appropriate sheath with fake leather inserts highlighting the waist, and a great carry all tote bag in black.

I find something left worth a try. For $39.99 I ordered a peplum top in black with sequins at the collar, I’ll let you know how that one looks on. Guess I’ll just have to save up for the real thing.

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