A memoir with sass

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I’ve been anxiously waiting for a moment to read my newest book, Grace Coddington’s “Grace, A Memoir.” If you watched “The September Issue,” a documentary about Vogue’s most important issue of the year a few years back, you were probably fascinated by Grace Coddington, Vogue’s artistic director. Unless you’re well versed in the fashion publishing world (I’m not), she was unknown to most until this film debuted. In part due to the success of the film, Coddington, or “Cod” as she was called during her modeling days, decided to write down her storied fashionable life.

It’s a fast fun read perfect over coffee and a croissant. I love her humor, her name dropping, and her whirlwind early days. I feel as if I’m hopping around all over London, Paris, and New York with her. Her sweet sketches of her hysterical life juxtapositions make it an even sweeter book to nestle with. I highly recommend picking it up and adding it to your fashionable collection. Plus Orange makes a great coffee table topper.

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