Be a bathing beauty

So, it’s almost summer. And if you’re anything like me, it’s also time to look for another swim suit. Bikini? Oh gosh is my buldge too big this year, maybe it’s time for that one piece? No matter the shape you’re finding yourself this year after Memorial Day, I have a solution to keep you looking gorgeous a little less covered.

bathing beauty

1) First you need a fabulous suit. Go for glam all the way. That means a high waisted bottom and a decollete flattering top or a wonderfully retro one piece. Nothing says refined like black. But a nicely saturated solid  or thick stripe is equally fresh and bold. Stay away from florals  and prints, you don’t want to mistaken for a grandmother in Florida.

A Norma Kamali one-piece.

A Norma Kamali one-piece.

Norma Kamali High-Waist bottom

Norma Kamali High-Waist two-piece

2) Glamour needs shade. A hat to be precise. My absolute favorite are the medium to wide brimmed “straw” hats by Eric Javits. Expensive? Yes. But you’ll never need another (unless you lose it). Packable, rinse-able, and totally travel worthy. It’s St. Tropez without the plane trip. Don’t forget the awesome shades. The bigger the better.

Why everyone needs a big brimmed straw hat. Marilyn did.

2) Why everyone needs a big brimmed straw hat. Marilyn did.

3) Throw on some glitz for some sizzling glam. Don’t leave yourself feeling bare, you’ll need bold bangles, sparkling sandales and some sparkly eyeshadow to complete the look. In my book the more clank your jewels make, the better. I call it tastefully overdone .

How gorgeous is this Ombre towel? Just $19.99

4) How gorgeous is this Ombre towel? Just $19.99

4) What you’re lying on needs to be fabulous as well. It doesn’t need to be Hermes (yes Hermes makes towels) to be chic. Any fun pattern from Target will do. Just don’t let it be ratty.

5) Makeup your face. A bold lip, a little glimmer eyeshadow, a shimmery blush. It’s the little extras that add up to WOW.

And that’s it. Of course what you wear to the pool or beach is just as important. But that’s another post…

Be GLAMOUROUS every day!

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