Bargain Shopping Diary: NYC

Fall in New York is my favorite, never-mind the fact that I’ve only ever been there during too-hot-to-handle summers and blistering-lips-cold winters. Thankful I was able to enjoy New York City before hurricane Sandy arrived only weeks ago, this was my third consecutive fall trip to visit my best friend and yogi+therapist Amy!

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Shopping in Manhattan can barely be beat. From street-side vendors to Fifth avenue, NYC runs the gamut of cheap trendy to expensive classics and everything in between. New yorkers like a good bargain too, and people aren’t afraid to be pushy, so be prepared. But for the most part it’s just tons of fun.

I’m not in the position to blow lots of cash on a new wardrobe this season, but I did happen to score lots of neat pieces I couldn’t resist at street markets, basement bargain shops and massive discount retailers. My favorites? A stellar pair of jeans straight cut jeans from Uniqlo ($9.90), $10 crystal & gold drop earrings, and a studded pleather bag ($20) at Strawberries in union square.

From one island (Oahu) to another (Manhattan) separated by an ocean and a continent, it’s about as different as it gets. If you haven’t been privy to a trip to the big apple, I highly recommend it…and not just for the shopping!

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