‘Tis the season for gifting

With Thanksgiving just a few eats away, invariably we all start thinking, Shit, I need to find gifts!

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I prefer to purchase a special gift for those I love when I come across something unique that I know they’ll love. It most invariably doesn’t land during the Christmas retail season. But I’m ok with that, and by now after thirty-three years, the people that matter to me know what to expect.

However, it’s still the holidays, and I love shopping. And making people happy with a small token of kindness brings a certain warmth to all of us. Here it is, my favorites to give and get, this holiday season.

Just some of my favorite things…

Need your man to beef up what he totes around with you in tow? This could be it. From jcrew.com Under $200.

New line now available in Hawaii at Oliver in Kailua! Just featured in GQ’s best Organic Grooming Products.

Smells like heaven, and with just a little bit of oil in this Kai body spray, it keeps your skin looking healthy too.

Brand new, for the ones on your list who love art, design, or just love looking at pretty pictures. Totally inspiring.

A nice little gesture and bag for just $10. Baggu

Diamonds aren’t in everyone’s budget (they certainly aren’t in mine) but I love the weight and sparkle take on this classic chain bracelet. Jcrew.com

Rugged yet refined. Classic yet modern. Timex unisex watches.

Jonathan Adler night light, perfect for baby!


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