On Location: New York, New York!

Bright lights, big city. It’s my version of an adult playground.

Adjusting to the time change from Hawaii, a whole 6 hours behind, and taking in the experience of being in the big apple through all my five senses. Today we got completely drenched. Even after being in Portland for nearly 3 years, getting soaked in Manhattan is incomparable and vastly more painful. It wasn’t even cold today, but everything I was wearing and holding was wet and all I wanted to do was get in a hot bath. Can you blame me?

Aside from today’s icky weather, I’m not even sure how many times I’ve been to Manhattan. This is most certainly my third Fall in a row visiting one of my best friends and certainly best yoga teachers, Amy Defilippi. So far I’ve been in the city for 36 hours and taken in three different yoga classes by Amy at three different yoga studios. My favorite space so far has to be The Maha Padma Yoga Temple in Union Square. It’s a huge and elegant space, tall ceilings, light wood floors, clean props, and a gorgeous altar you face in front of floor to ceiling windows. If I lived here, I’d come to this space all the time!

Tomorrow starts the weekend and I’m hoping the weather be better as Mr. Weatherman promises. Fingers crossed.

Now for some shopping …

1 thought on “On Location: New York, New York!

  1. Lois Cope

    Thanks Pua I used to live there, but I like Hawaii better. enjoy all of it while you can…..when are you coming home?lv22


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