A Styled Closet on Pinterest

Wondering just why hiring a stylist might be beneficial for you? How about having a list of pre-selected items to chose from! Get the best looks plucked from all over the web and in-stores without having to leave the comfort of home. That’s just what we can do for you. And it’s so easy when using Pinterest.

Using a virtual Pinboard I can create wardrobe ideas for clients to choose from & order direct from merchants.

Remember Molly’s customized Lookbook I posted a couple of days ago? Well there were several items missing. She needed the following items to complete a well rounded wardrobe:

  • Short black Booties, flats/or heeled variations,
  • Tall black boots, flat & short heeled versions,
  • Closed toe heels to wear to work (1″ & 2″ variations) black and camel,
  • Great basic tanks with wide straps to layer with,
  • Black & Camel silk camisoles,
  • and a long-sleeve black cardigan.

We chose items from our favorite online shops including:

  • Zappos
  • J.Crew
  • Nordstrom

With so many dizzying choices to choose from it’s easy to get distracted. We’re well versed in fit and quality, so you can trust our recommendations will work for you.

Follow us on Pinterest. Need some ideas or want us to work on a wardrobe for you? Let us know!

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