Sublte Glitz, Gold & Shimmer at Your Fingertips

We just arrived at Spring, but I’m already gearing up for summer. Before the UVs come out in full force (or come out at all), be kind to your skin all the while giving your skin a jump start. Get glowing, without resorting to a fake ‘n bake session.
A stellar favorite, the NARS Orgasm blush powder, with flecks of gold, peach, and pink, can now be found in the NARS Orgasm Illuminator.
Wear it under foundation, as a highlighter, or all over the face and decollete for a little shimmer, sparkle, and pop! The perfect dull skin eliminator, it’s simple to apply, sheer enough to shamelessly apply daily, and totally sexy.
A little goes a long way, which might help to offset the sting of the $29 price tag. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. Nordstrom is pushing the “try before you buy.” So make a stop and get your sample.
I heart stuff that makes me feel & look pretty, and this most certainly does both!

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