Skinny Minnie

It’s all about the skinny jean this season. I LOVE a good skinny, and I swear anyone who can fit into a size 32 or below can get away with wearing them. It’s all in how you wardrobe them. Make sure you play with opposite proportions. Voluminous with skinny with chunky. Solid booties or platform heels make a killer statement.

The right ones are super comfortable and not too low. I prefer mine to hold my gut in, and all my selections here do just that. Right now these styles are flying of the racks, so get yours soon. Always size down in denim, as all premium denim stretches one half to a full size during wear. Get them altered to hit you at your ankle if they are too long. Baggy ankles are never in, unless you want sport the legwarmer look.

This skinny version is by Habitual Denim.

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