Cuffed pants & suede shoes?

It’s a trend. But is it a good one?

I think a man’s ankles can be sexy. Seriously.
But I’m not sure if I want to be around when those shoes come off. Unless of course, he’s wearing socks.

Image thanks to the Satorialist

Is this trend a Southern thing like I’ve been told by some?
Is it a marker of a cute boy batting for the other team? In America, I mean.
The polished boys seem to be of that persuasion, anyhow.

You tell me, what are your thoughts to these cuffed pants/exposed ankles? It’s a look I’d like see more of.

And that girl couldn’t be any cuter.

Copy her look: find her top at American Apparel.
They have a viscose jersey shirt with Dolman sleeves that looks similar to this one.

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