Anastasia Brow Studio “Do”

It’s seems wise to be weary of those with hot wax in hand, ready to yank off tiny hairs in sensitive places.

New to Portland, I didn’t know whom to trust with my brows. I’ve experienced every horror story in the book: McDonald arches, short & square, and the non-existent waif shapes.

Hearing rave reviews, I ventured to try Nordstrom’s Anastasia Brow Studio. The technique involves stencils, so I figured it might be safer than someone’s inexperienced freehand.

The Process: You and the Esthetician choose an arch that fits to your face shape and brow bone nicely. Then he/she fills in your brows with powder over the stencil. A little fine tuning, and then all hairs outside the lines are removed. Thirty minutes in total. My girl paid acute attention to every hair, and delivered minimal pain.

The Result: Seemed crazy, but it worked. My brows were thick, well shaped and not too picked over (the worst). The photo is of me post-stencil, pre-wax. Even cooler, for those who want to do their own or upkeep at home, they sell the stencils too.

The Cost: $30 plus tip for waxing; $14 for the stencil set.

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