Winning the most compliments

No matter how I wear it, with a belt, loose over jeans, with skinnies & heels, or as an après yoga throw-on, whatever, wherever, I hear the same thing:

Q: “I love what you’re wearing. Where is it from?”
A:“I found it at a thrift store in the Mission, in San Francisco. Its just Lauren by good ol’ Ralph-y boy.” (The ultimate non-designer, designer.)

Nothing especially special, but it’s so classic. I love that it is 1) Camel 2) knit 3) has a striking collar 3) comfortable 4) and most importantly, flattering!

Here’s my take: When you’re comfy, you’re more likely to be confident. That confidence can be interpreted into your style. And that style becomes a classic. Then really your comfort with yourself (as you are) is winning you the most compliments.

Rock your look, however you choose. What’s winning you the most compliments?

Photo Credit: On location at the Indigo12West by sweetheart Jeff Shanes.

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