A Reason to Consider the Skinny

I’ve converted, and so can you! Well, only if it’s to believing that a form fitting pant, like a skinny, and if done right, can work on (most) all body shapes.

Corny maybe, but skinnies really are especially striking when paired with heels or boots. Just make sure to pair them with plenty of attitude, and avoid looking like your thirteen-year-old niece at all costs.

Skinny faves that do a curvy body good:

J.Crew keeps me coming back to them for more cute on-trend pieces at a “reasonable” price. Right now their Mini($89.50) & newly revamped Pixie pant ($88) are the perfect pairings with knee-high boots or ballet flats. Skinny, and made with thick-double-knit-stretch fabric (nearly leggings) these are my go to pants for work & play.

J Brand Skinny/Straight Jeans (starting at $145-ish). I never gave this brand a chance, that is until I found a nearly-never worn pair at Buffalo Exchange. They hug my curves in the right places, without giving the dreaded muffin top. Their mid-rise versions are key.

If you really want the glued-on-the-body look, but require mobility and comfort, try Lululemon‘s Wunder Unders ($78 and currently out of stock online). Seriously too much $$ for just “leggings” but it’s OK knowing they do double duty. Wear them with a tunic, then replace the tunic with an athletic top, and you’re set for dog pose! Plus Lulu’s patented Luon material will moisture wick you, and leave you free of awkward sweat spots.

Do the skinny silhouette with long cardis, tunics, and drapey capes. Unless that look of chopping your body in two is something you’re after, avoid crop tops at all costs. Keep to dark colors, it’d be a pity if you were highlighting your ass-ets with acid washed demin or bright colors. Remember, you’re adding to not detracting from, your already pretty face and dazzling personality.

p.s. share your skinny thoughts here…

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