It’s a Wrap

Scoring a thick uber long knit scarf has been a mission of mine since departing the tropics. I wanted one to appear as if it might be choking me. Not sure why I find that appealing…more to do with trapping in the heat and blocking the chill I think than losing the ability to breathe. Creepy kind of, I know. Unofficially, I’m calling it the Boa Constrictor look, and now it’s my look, as I’ve found one. Super soft, cuddly, chic, plus incredibly warm, and mine is thanks to it’s scrumptious blend of wool, mohair and nylon.
Though even with my avid and thorough search in my new hometown, I didn’t find this beauty in PDX, but rather on a recent trip that led me to College Avenue in Berekely, CA. I found it where I least expected it: At Keneuoe Vivere, a boutique specializing in women’s contemporary suiting (mostly). The local designer just opened up shop, and she focuses on custom made and off the rack tailored and fitted-to-you pieces.

Prices vary broadly in range, including suiting and some knitwear, so odds are there’s something there for you in your price bracket. But overall prices were what I’d expect, and decent, considering the extra work going into each piece that’s made just down the avenue in Berkeley by good ol’ Americans. Keneuoe (if that’s her name) is looking to expand the shop to include men’s wear, more knits, and a working studio right in the store.

I plan on returning to this spot on my next visit.

Support Local, Cute, and PRETTY!

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