Transitioning to Pale

It’s been just under 3 months since the Hawaiian sun kissed my skin. Wish I could say the lack of sun is erasing all the sun damage I’ve accrued over the years. If anything, my freckles (dare I say wrinkles), are ever more apparent. Not just that, but the makeup I’d been using until now is a shade too dark.

Debating which foundation/face color to invest in once again, I chose an old fave Laura Mercier‘s Tinted Moisturizer ($42) (it also comes in an oil-free and illuminating version too). Goof-proof when applying even with fingers under low light, it blends easily and stays put without getting too greasy. I was a happy discover to find out there’s a new shade for us recently faded tanners, Bisque! It’s neutral and less orange-y than Sand.

In addition to her tinted moisturizer, I highly recommend Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer ($22) and Eye Basics, an eye primer, ($24). Love them for their easy and seamless application, even in a hurry.

The combo Undercover Pot comes with 2 concealers (one that’s silky for under the eye, and one that’s matt for the face) plus setting powder. It’s a 3-in-1 product designed to travel with, as you can’t go wrong with being too prepared.

The Eye Basics comes in a variety of face flattering colors. I use the primers in Buff and Flax for everyday. When I want a vivid color to really POP I use shade lighter than my skin, such as Linen.

Day by day I’m getting used to a paler version of me. Pale or not, the one thing we want to be is flawless. Though that may never happen, this stuff will help you get there, at least in terms of your skin.

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